Helping customers to determine whether a home battery could be worthwhile

cross-selling home battery to the right customer with personalized metrics

Inform customers who would really benefit from a home battery

Connecting a home battery can be highly beneficial for certain segments of your customer base. Rather than taking a blanket approach, MOOST allows you to focus on the customers who would really benefit.

By targeting the right audience, you can increase customer satisfaction and help them optimize their self-sufficiency and self-consumption.

MOOST empowers you to pinpoint and engage the right customers with personalized metrics.

Promote home batteries to the right customers with their own statistics

Increase customer lifetime value through targeted engagement



Energy consumption


Energy generation



This use-case enables you to trigger hyper-personalized messages when:

  • the customer has a high energy pull from the grid,
  • the customer also has a high energy feed into the grid,
  • and the customer has no battery connected.

Tariff hours could also be added for showcasing the financial benefit of a battery.

Click actions

Depending on your system's set-up, we can enable different click actions:

  • Link into your web shop to the battery products
  • Deep link into live monitoring
  • Standard open (default action, usually the home screen or notification center)

For customers who do not wish to be informed in the future, there is a "Don't notify again" button on every message for a granular opt-out.

Links to a product on your web page and product names could also be added to the message text.