Helps detecting increases in consumption at device level

Detects unusual energy consumption on smart switches like fridge or other devices

Being informed about major increases in device consumption is key to early problem detection.

Most households with a Home Energy Management System are interested in connecting as many devices as possible, enhancing the system's overall power. However, monitoring the consumption of every device can be a daunting task, especially when trying to identify the rare instances of abnormal behavior.

The Challenge: Identifying when a device starts consuming significantly more energy than usual, which requires continuous stream data analysis. MOOST handles this complexity, enabling you to inform your customers about these changes proactively.

Helps detecting potential problems early to prevent costly repairs

Enables efficient energy usage

Build engagement and trust for more customer lifetime value


Energy consumption


Device consuming behavior

Calculated by MOOST


This use case enables you to trigger hyper-personalized messages when a device consumes significant more energy than usual. The MOOST system continuously monitors consumption and triggers a message upon a change.

Click actions

Depending on your system's set-up, we can enable different click actions:

  • Deep link into live monitoring (recommended)
  • Standard open (default action, usually the home screen or notification center)

For customers who do not wish to be informed in the future, there is a "Don't notify again" button on every message for a granular opt-out.