Inform customers about changes in their self-sufficiency

inform about self-sufficiency changes compared to solar energy generation

Self-sufficiency rate is interlinked with available solar power

Achieving strong self-sufficiency is the primary aim for most households utilizing a home energy management system. Since self-sufficiency is directly related to the energy a household can generate, it is inherently seasonal. Informing household about notable changes in the self-sufficiency rate help adapt their behavior and continually optimizing their system. With MOOST,  you can highlight opposing trends compared to energy generation or reveal disproportionate increases or decreases in self-sufficiency.

Create positive touch points with customers

Build engagement and trust for more customer lifetime value







This use case enables you to trigger hyper-personalized messages when:

  • There is a disproportionate change in the households self-sufficiency when compared to the energy generation from week to week.
  • There is a opposing trend between self-sufficiency and energy generation from week to week.

Click actions

Depending on your system's set-up, we can enable different click actions:

  • Deep link into live monitoring (recommended)
  • Standard open (default action, usually the home screen or notification center)

For customers who do not wish to be informed in the future, there is a "Don't notify again" button on every message for a granular opt-out.