Use cases

Here you find a selection of use cases which are available on the MOOST platform. Ready for you to use. Our powerful tools enable you to customize, extend and build your own ideas.

Blog Lists
inform about self-sufficiency changes compared to solar energy generation
Inform customers about changes in their self-sufficiency

PV-based households often struggle to make sense from changes in their self-sufficiency rate, as it is highly dependent on PV generation. With MOOST, you can inform customers about significant changes in self-sufficiency in relation to their energy generation.

Inform customers about improvements in self-consumption

The self-consumption rate is used as a performance indicator for most Home Energy Management Systems. Yet most households rarely check their self-consumption rate. With MOOST you can proactively inform your customers when their self-consumption rate improved.

Detects unusual energy consumption on smart switches like fridge or other devices
Helps detecting increases in consumption at device level

Identifying appliances that consume an unusually high amount of energy is crucial to recognize potential problems with devices and changing energy-intensive behaviors. MOOST alerts your customers when specific device starts to consume significantly more energy than usual.