Help customers identify anomalies in their grid consumption

92% of connected households want to be notified about anomalies in their grid consumption. 

Households with a HEMS can monitor their grid consumption, but only few of them actually do. Our research shows, that 92% of households are interested in being prompted when their consumption seems "unusual".

The challenge: "Unusual" is highly individual for every household. With MOOST, you can benefit from ready-to-use machine-learning based pattern recognition and anomaly detection to inform your customers when their grid power consumption is unusually high. 

Help customers understand their grid consumption

Differentiate by turning monitoring data into personal insights

Increase customer engagement and meaningful touchpoints



Grid power consumption



This use case enables you to trigger hyper-personalised messages when

  • an anomaly in the household's grid power consumption presents
  • and the grid power consumption has been significant

To wow your customers even further, we can include additional datasets (if present) to propose specific actions, e.g. tariff information or car charging information.

Click Actions

Depending on your system's set-up, we can enable different click actions:

  • Deep link into live view screen of your app (recommended)
  • Standard open (default action for all messages, usually the home screen or notification center)

For customers who are not interested, there is a "Don't notify again" button on every message.