Help customers leverage forecasts to shift consumption

Shifting consumption when low PV-generation is forecasted is key for both connected and non-connected assets.

Assets with smart modes (automated optimization) work best on days with PV-generation. Most households also have flexible energy assets which do not support smart modes. For both asset types, substantial optimization can be achieved by shifting flexible consumption to days with PV-generation. Knowing ahead when low PV-generation is expected helps households shift assets such as electric cars (especially when they are not charged daily), appliances and even heat pumps (usually increasing COP as nice side-effect).

The challenge: Matching current and forecasted consumption and PV-generation to inform households at the right time. MOOST takes care of the complexity so you can proactively inform customers ahead of low-PV-generation events.

Inform customers when low generation is expected as early as possible

Help customers improve self-consumption

Build engagement and trust for more customer lifetime value


Power consumption


Power generation


Undercapacity forecast

Calculated by MOOST


This use case enables you to trigger hyper-personalised messages when

  • the PV generation forecast in 48 hours is low,
  • the PV generation now and the next day are high
  • and sufficient excess capacity is present

MOOST's algorithms forecast the PV generation for each of your customers. 

To wow your customers even further, we can enable dedicated messages for different setups:

  • if an electric vehicle is connected, the battery level can be included
  • if disaggregated energy data is available, specific device shifting recommendations can be included

Click actions

Depending on your system's set-up, we can enable different click actions:

  • Deep link into live monitoring (recommended)
  • Standard open (default action, usually the home screen or notification center)

For customers who do not wish to be informed in the future, there is a "Don't notify again" button on every message for a granular opt-out.