Remind customers to revert from fast charging to smart charging

Smart charging setting reminder for electric vehicle users

27% of changes from "Smart Charging" to "Fast Charging" are never reverted. 

Households may need their car at different times. In key situations, households often switch to "Fast Charging" or "Always Charging". Users may forget or even decide not to revert to the original "Smart Charging" mode. Thousands of households analysed show that 27% of these changes are never reverted.

With MOOST, you can remind your customers about the reconfiguration at the right time, highlight the benefit with smart charging and provide quick access to set the right smart charging mode.

Help customers get the most out of your smart charging modes

Increase flex capacities



Car Charging Mode

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This use case enables you to trigger hyper-personalised messages when

  • a car has been charging at "Fast Charging" mode multiple times (min. 2x)
  • the charging mode has previously been set to a Smart Charging mode

To wow your customers even further, you can include the previous charging mode in the message. For customers who have not set up a Smart Charging mode previously, a separate use case applies.

Click actions

Depending on your system's set-up, we can enable different click actions:

  • Standard open (default action for all messages, usually the home screen)
  • Deep link into car charging settings of your app (recommended)
  • Set an action parameter to enable direct click actions (advanced integration)

For customers who intend to keep the charging mode at "Fast Charging" there is a "Don't notify again" button on every message.

Supported charging modes

Your system might support multiple charging modes which can be mapped:

  • Always charge
  • Fast charge
  • Solar only
  • Solar and tariff optimized
  • Constant current
  • Minimal and solar
  • Target charging
  • And more